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Bridging the Big Gap in Data Science

Data Science Job Growth

Market for Big Data technology and services to grow at a 23.1% CAGR, reaching $48.6 billion in 2019 [IDC]. By 2018, US will experience a shortage of 190,000 skilled data scientists [McKinsey]. India emerging as preferred outsourcing destination for Data Science [NASSCOM]

Data Science Salary Levels

Data-scientist salaries are 113% more than average salaries for all job postings [indeed]. Average salary of a Data Scientist is 10 LPA; becomes 10 LPA with 2 years experience [Jigsaw]. Chief Data Scientist earns upto  1 Crore which is more than what a CEO earns [gadgetsnow].

Required Skills

Three key skills are required to become a data scientist
1. R
2. Python
3. Machine Learning

Trainings offered by Mationalytics

Advanced R Programming

This course will make you strong in hands-on programming using R language. You will become comfortable reading external files, do data wrangling, visualize them and do statistical analysis
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Python for Data Analytics

While Python is a general purpose programming language, it is one of the widely used language for Data Analytics. This course will make you strong in Data Analytics packages of Python (Numpy, Pandas, Matplot etc.)
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Machine Learning with R

R has hundreds of packages for doing Machine Learning. This course will introduce to key Machine learning concepts and provide you hands-on exposure to solve pracical use cases using Machine learning packages of R
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Data Science with Python

Python is the recommended tool for building productionized data science solutions. In this course, you will get experience on using Data Science packages of Python (Scikit, Sklearn etc.) for building Data Science suites
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IoT Analytics

Making sensors intelligent have proven to give back huge returns. With sensors connected and speaking with each other, condition monitoring and automation are much efficient with introduction of Analytics

Retail Analytics

The complex web of Manufacturing to sales needs a Data-Driven-Approach to solve complex problems. Stitching the scattered data from Shipments, sales, shopper card and survey gives a completely new perspective of Market

Web & Social Media Analytics

www and social media together contribute to the major portion of data generated. Organizations leverage large benefits by utlizing data science